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    Gokourouta is here to guide you through and help you select all that you will need to enjoy your summer vacation in beautiful Kourouta Beach. Kourouta Beach is located in the Ilias prefecture and belongs to the municipality of Ilida ( city of Amalias ). The distance between Kourouta and the city of Amalias is only 2Km.



    Here you can see the hotels/rooms of Kourouta Beach and the greater region.


    Dine with the finest cuisine the area has to offer enjoying spectacular flavors along with breath taking views of Kouroutas white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters!


    Enjoy your coffee, drink or cocktails overlooking the beautiful Ionian Sea!


    Have a blast with the many clubbing options Kourouta has to offer. Enjoy the music of your liking with a wide variety of choices, including domestic and international DJ’s and Singers! Party until the morning hours in Kourouta Beach!

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